Natural Farming

As a former book freak (and I still like to read about all kinds of subjects) I am much aware of the inspiration effect books can have. However, the most inspiring stories are those in which people practice their ideals and thoughts that are presented in a lot of books. The story of Mr Okitsu (Japan) is such a story.

As a child of the 1970s I was raised in a highly conscious family in which ideals on natural farming, eating, and living were food for thought. Although I never read it, I knew of the The One-Straw Revolution and many other books on natural farming.

Natural Farming as a way to live in a sustainable way in which people, crops and the earth are happy. Even though I am grown-up by now, I don't see why most people choose for the other way around. However, I am not a farmer and can not really judge on other people's choices.

What I can do is share inspiring stories, like this one, written by Patrick M. Lydon, about how Mr. Okitsu puts natural farming into practice and inspires many people in his world.

May it inspire you as well:

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